Introductions and Learning a Bit About You.......

‚ÄčPlease feel free to introduce yourself! This always helps to break the ice and create a comfort level for both of us before an initial meeting. :)


Considerations for My Time........


Please see my Donations page for rates. 

New friends, please set donation in an obvious location (kitchen counter, coffee table, etc.) upon arrival. Please do not put me in a position to have to ask where it is and please know the accurate donation before arriving as I will not discuss the rate during our time together. I prefer to focus on enjoying our time without being concerned about this formality.

Returning friends, clearly we have developed a good level of trust and you know the drill. ;)

Exceptional Hygiene is a Turn On.......

Please respect general rules of etiquette and hygiene. If you are not able to shower and freshen up shortly before the appointment, then I always encourage using my incall to do so upon arrival.  I supply all that is needed to make yourself fresh and clean so that we can enjoy our time to the utmost.
Scheduling an Unforgettable Rendezvous......
I am much easier available with at least 24 hours notice if you are a first time friend, but can often accommodate meetings with 2 to 3 hour notice. The more advance notice you give me, the better chance things will go smoothly.  If I have already visited with you, then you setting up another meeting should be very simple. Please try to arrive to your appointment on time as well and please call if you will be running behind.  I am very understanding when I have proper communication.


‚ÄčThank you so much for considering me as someone you would like to spend time with. I truly look forward to getting to know you and enjoying our time together!